Gloster Has a New Teak Furniture Line Called Anassa

Many of the major teak manufacturers are starting to have custom finishes available for the collections.  Gloster has a new teak furniture line called Anassa that is absolutely beautiful.  The line is reminiscent of British colonial style but has been reconstructed for modern day.  The line has a dark finish on it which is dark walnut in color.  It is refreshing to see some of the teak companies offering different finishes for their clients.  This is great because it is hard to find professional teak finishers who do custom finishes.  To prevent having teak restoration and teak refinishing performed on this line from Gloster it is best to keep the coating maintained with a professional company.  Although it is entirely possible to maintain the teak furniture yourself, it is convenient to have a service do it for you.  Jensen Leisure is a company that specializes in Ipe wood from Bolivia.  This wood is growing in popularity and is beautiful.  The wood has deep brown hues with a subtle touch of redness to it.  Jensen leisure has a wide array of styles to choose from.  All of their furniture comes finished with a flat sealer that magnifies the grain of this beautiful wood.  According to Jensen Leisure, the wood will have to be periodically sealed to maintain its color.  Again having a professional company seal your furniture is the best way to go.  If you are looking to buy outdoor word furniture, please consider Gloster and Jensen Leisure for your patio or exterior environments.

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